Your business is no longer here.

Your business is no longer here.
Photo by Rezaul Karim / Unsplash

Alternate title: Dude, where's my customer?

Gone are the days of the downtown hustle and bustle.  Downtown SF, downtown Oakland, downtown Seattle, not even mid town Manhattan appears the same any more.  Don't take our word for it.

The mom-and-pop service industries like eateries, bakeries, breakfast/lunch diners, and even franchise food like Subway are the first to fall victim to situations where a dying downtown and the rise of remote working means no more foot-traffic ...the lifeblood of those businesses.

Boutique retail spots vending everything from eyewear to vintage sneakers are the next domino to fall.  People (your customers) are quicker to jump on Amazon than a train.  They'd rather pay shipping fees than parking and/or bridge tolls. Let's avoid the topic of gas.  It's time to meet your customers where they are: at the beach, at the farmers market, at the park, at the sporting event where everyone is tail-gating.

TLDR; Your business is here... HERE are your customers!

Whether your customers are enjoying the beach or local park; attending the current festival or concert; or shopping the weekly farmer's market or monthly street fair; its now on YOU to meet your customers where THEY are.

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