Your Spreadsheets and POS System Ain't Enough

Your Spreadsheets and POS System Ain't Enough
Photo by Steve Johnson / Unsplash

Bro, you still rockin' that composition book from high school with email addresses and phone numbers on it? You gettin them bounce backs from half the emails in that book? Your POS system stand for Point-Of-Sale or the other POS?

Wouldn't you like to CRM much? Maybe some PBX voice response with voicemail? Dream of state-of-the-art networking to offer your customers wi-fi and capture their presence? AAAAAAA IIIIIIIII, dude?

Take a gander and what DragonBox Solar has done for SelfBlossom! Dont take our word for it. See how is reaching their customers with daily inspiration and updates about sales, coupons, pop-ups with the absolute latest of technology buzz!

SelfBlossom is using generative AI to create inspirational content to help their customers through their personal growth challenges with inspirational messages and self discovery tasks. Soon their in-house AI will be analyzing trends for product offerings making them much more efficient.

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